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Full spectrum hemp and melatonin have already helped thousands of people sleep better, dream brighter, and wake up feeling more refreshed. Could you be the next? Our Hemp Gummies might be the natural solution you’ve been looking for. Their taste is naturally amazing, too!

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hemp for sleep q&a.

Hemp is extracted from the full hemp plant and the ingredient that powers our sleep products alongside melatonin. Studies show that hemp may promote full-body balance from the inside out, resulting in all-natural sleep support. Our customers can attest to hemp’s sleep-specific benefits, too!

All of our Sleep Gummies are truly full spectrum. We do our best to stay true to nature’s original design — including nature’s original cannabinoid ratios. We believe the most important ratio is the one between hemp and full spectrum hemp’s other compounds. Our goal is to create products with a 5 to 1 ratio. For every 5mg of hemp, you’ll also be getting 1mg of other powerful hemp extract. Our Sleep Gummies pack another powerful punch, too: melatonin. Each Gummy contains 3 milligrams of clinically-proven melatonin to help you sleep through the night.

Melatonin is one of the best-researched natural compounds when it comes to experiencing deeper, more restorative sleep. Numerous studies show that just 3 milligrams of melatonin is enough to support healthy sleep with a minimum of side effects. Each of our Gummies contains this 3mg dose.

Melatonin is a naturally-occurring hormone with numerous health benefits. Though it may have anti-aging, anti-headache, and anti-stress benefits, it’s best known for its ability to support sleep! Science has found that melatonin promotes sleep by entraining (aka aligning) your body’s circadian rhythm to the sun’s rising and setting. If you feel like your ‘internal clock’ is off, melatonin could help.

Many people who take melatonin feel pleasantly more restful at night — and surprisingly more energized during the day. Don’t be surprised if you start sleeping better and waking up more refreshed, though. Melatonin also has general anti-stress properties that may benefit many other areas of your life.

Most of our Full Spectrum Hemp Gummies contain a little over 30 milligrams of total hemp extra. When combined with melatonin, that’s more than enough to get most people sleeping better again! Start off by taking a full gummy each evening.

Our sleep products take roughly an hour to fully kick in. That means the best time to take them is — you guessed it — an hour before bed. Melatonin kicks in slightly faster, while Full Spectrum Hemp have a slightly slower onset time. Taking your sleep products with a meal that’s rich in healthy fats may boost their absorption.

Absolutely not. Our Full Spectrum Hemp Sleep Gummies are vegan-friendly, all-natural, and verifiably free from harmful additives.

Research shows that full spectrum hemp actually helps hemp work better and get absorbed more fully. For every 25 milligrams of hemp in our products, you'll find 2 milligrams of Full Spectrum Hemp and 3 milligrams of other important hemp extract. It's all part of nature's design!

Most customers find our hemp sleep products deeply relaxing. Maybe it's the hemp, maybe it's the melatonin, or maybe it's some combination of everything — regardless, our sleep products are designed to help you kick back and relax even when you're feeling stressed.

Don't get down if you don't immediately experience the sleep improvements you'd hoped for. Just up your dose a little and give it some time. Consider setting yourself up for successful sleep in other ways, too. You might swap out your phone for a good book in the evening, or make an extra effort to get active during the day.

All of our relief products have a corresponding Certificate of Analysis that can be requested. These COAs ensure that products are free from heavy metals, residual solvents, harmful microbes, and more. They also guarantee that each product’s hemp and melatonin content is accurate.

We sure do! five™'s products are entirely legal nationwide, which allows us to ship them to all 50 states.

If you live in any of the USA's 50 states, they sure are! All of our sleep products contain less than 0.3% Full Spectrum Hemp by weight. The Federal Farm Bill made these types of hemp-derived Full Spectrum Hemp products completely legal. Melatonin is also 100% legal, of course!

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